Most Frequently Asked Questions

All of the handbags we sell are replicas, meaning that they were not made by the original brand name owner. However, we go to great lengths in replicating our handbags by using almost all the same materials (in most cases all the same materials) that are used in making the originals so as to have our replicas look and feel the same as the originals but cost much less!

You can be sure that if you purchase one of our replica designer handbags that no one will be able to notice that it is anything less than an original.


While we are quickly expanding as our presence on the net grows, we only use one dedicated telephone line at the moment. If we are speaking with another customer, or not in the office at the time you call, we do have a voice messaging service that will pick up your call. We invite you to leave us a message, and one of our staff will contact you within business hours (8 am – Midnight EST, Monday to Friday).

We also offer a live chat service, which might be easier for some of our overseas customers. There is a small tab on the side of the page that says: “Live Chat” on it, if you click this tab a small window will pop open and you will be able to easily ask any questions you might have, and one of our qualified customer support agents will be happy to help you in any way they are able. Whether your question pertains to replica Louis Vuitton handbags, or a fake Gucci wallet, our staff are knowledgeable on all of our products.

We also welcome any comments or questions you would like to send our way via email. You can reach us by clicking on the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page, which will take you to a form that you can type your question into. We will respond promptly within one business day. If you’d like to speak to our support staff, simply include a telephone number you can be reached at, and the time zone you are in as well as the best time to reach you and our staff will contact you as soon as possible.


Generally our items arrive within 7 to 15 days of purchase for any destination worldwide. We are sure most of the countries we will deliver within 4-7 days, but in order to avoid bad experience we commit customer of 15 days.


Each Affiliate is provided with a choice of links that can be placed anywhere on their site. You can be as bold or discrete with the link as you want – but remember that each click that leads to a sale brings you money
Affiliates are provided with an account that tracks clicks and sales generated by their link
An email is sent to Affiliates for each sale made via their link. This email includes information regarding their 10% commission
Affiliates are asked to pay $0 in fees. An Affiliate link is fast and easy to set up and needs little to no maintenance